Amber Strings

About Amber Strings Incorporated

What made us stand out among our competitors is that our instruments are all hand crafted in our own company's workshop. This provides us with the unique advantage of strict quality control from start to finish of each and every instrument we sold. We sent our master luthiers to Cremona, Italy to be trained so we can up hold the art of the European traditional method of instrument making.

As each instrument has gone through the various stages of tests to meet our utmost standard of graduation to ensure the optimum sound quality, and the purflings were laid in by hand, a tasteful antiquing varnish is applied, also by hand, to complete the process. Due to the fact that this antiquing process is unique with each instrument, each instrument would have its own unique, individual look.

The overall result is an instrument not only esthetically pleasing in appearance, but also has the highest level of playability and sound quality all musicians demand.